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Welcoming – We open our doors to everyone in our community with an open heart.

Independence – We promote each child, parent and educators to build
their own independence.

Loyalty – We are loyal to the Code of Ethics and stand for the rights and
needs of all the children.

Learning – Our environments are challenging to create value in play and connect to sustainable practices.

Opportunities – We offer opportunities to explore the Early Years
Learning Framework.

Wisdom – We learn from those in our community and value their customs,beliefs, family traditions and cultural input.

Engaging – We engage with the children to promote their experiences and new adventures.

Attributes – Each child and family brings something new to our Centre, we build our practices from listening to the children’s and families voices to add to our programs.

Responsible – We guide each person to be responsible and delegate roles to build their knowledge on diverse roles.

Lifestyles – We respect that everyone has freedom to choose their own
lifestyles and we lead this environment with an anti-bias approach.

Yarning – We respect the traditional custodians of the land and embed
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives.

Leading – we lead a strong team of educators who are part of our dream team with meaningful relationships built on respect.

Eager – We have a team who are eager to build the most suitable
aesthetically pleasing experiences with a holistic approach.

Authentic – We are authentic and original to Mudgeeraba. We cherish the history of Mudgeeraba and share our knowledge of what happens in our community.

Realistic – We set realist timeframes for the children, parents and
educators to achieve goals and set tasks.

Nudging – We nudge the children in conversation and attempts to

Independent – We observe the children’s participation and complete
observations to capture moments, set goals and celebrate achievements.

New - We open our pathways to search for new beginnings.
Goals – we critically reflect on the Quality Improvement Plan and make
weekly connections to build, maintain and improve our service practices.

About Us

Willow Early Learning Centres were previously trading under the Sunkids Childrens Centres brand. These centres are privately owned, remaining under the same ownership since September 2010. 


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